Guineaford Arts

Carol and Jan. Two sisters working together.

Guineaford Arts design and make beautiful, unique items with stained glass including window and door panels, mirrors, light catchers, candle lights, jewellery and a variety of gift items including beautiful handmade bags and elegant scarves.

Guineaford Arts first started around 1995 with Carol Edwards and Gill Spencer, who sadly died in 2011 and is much missed.

Carol’s sister Jan of Hummingbird Crafts joined her for Art Trek 2012 and 2013 with her handmade jewellery, bags, scarves and cushions – making runs in the family – all inspired by their lovely Mum! They also joined together for Christmas gifts events in the studio which were a huge success and they have been working together ever since.

In the beginning:

Gill and Jan both enjoyed making things and could work around their growing families. They stitched things, painted things and made anything and everything they thought someone might like to buy.

A change of direction took them into stained glass.

They made beautiful glass panels and mirrors using both the leaded and Tiffany style. When they ran out of places to hang things and people to give them to they joined the Lyn Valley Art and Crafts centre at Lynton. They have lots of satisfied customers at Lynton (all over the world too). Lynton and especially the Art and Crafts centre is a fantastic place to visit – open every day.

Unfortunately Gill died in 2011. This left a gap which Carol filled by working more with her sister Jan. They have had the odd class but mostly they are self-taught but as they do sell their work they must be getting it right! Guineaford Arts sell at Portland Art in Ilfracombe and soon in the ExmoorArts Etsy shop. Commissions accepted. Click the button below to view Guineaford Arts website.