Moorland Felts

Moorland Felts creates needle felted animals inspired by those indigenous to Exmoor such as the iconic red deer stag and Exmoor pony. The idea surrounding felting was not only to let people take a little bit of Exmoor home with them but to capture the essence and likeness of the wildlife. By using sourced sheep breeds indigenous to Exmoor the authenticity of their wool tops is key in creating a genuine “Exmoor” Felt. The Exmoor Horn, Blue-faced Leicester and other breeds which are locally farmed on Exmoor have been selected due to their rich and diverse texture and natural colour palettes to capture the likeness of the animals in each felt. The wool is then treated and crafted around an aluminium frame which helps to give the models stability and movability (the animals can be gently manipulated to pose). Each felt model is usually created on a commission basis, but occasionally a few will be sold in local shops in the Exmoor area. For more information about our products please email or alternatively visit our Facebook page.