Alan Butt

Alan Butt

Alan Butt is a digital and pencil artist from West Somerset, originally having lived in a small village on the side of Exmoor. Currently he now lives beside the sea, which is where he draws his inspiration from: whether it be the deer of Exmoor, or the stunning coastline. Alan has a particular love for red deer, which often feature in the photographs he uses for reference. Despite his many encounters with them, Alan says that whenever he sees a stag, it still has the chilling effect of making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

Along with his wife and cocker spaniel, he’s often seen walking on the moors or along the coast, using these opportunities for his photography.

Alan started digital art a year ago and hasn’t looked back since. Previously, Alan had always stuck to pencil work due to a lack of understanding on how to mix colours and which ones worked well together, but digital art has helped him overcome these issues with its versatility. There is some controversy surrounding digital art and just how skilled you have to be, but honestly you still have to be able to draw and paint, just as with traditional. Mastering a pen and pad is difficult at first, but can be overcome with practice.

After years of putting himself through the mill, work-wise and service-wise, Alan decided that it’s time to do something he enjoys; and as such, art is a saviour for him. It always has been, especially in bad times as a way to zone out and switch off from the world.

The most impressive, and by far most memorable painting Alan recalls was in the corridor of a hospital. It had two halves: the bottom was simply jet black, but the top was covered in sunshine, flowers and children playing.

The artist, a ten year old little girl dying of Leukaemia, had been asked what her painting was about; to which she replied: “The black is where I am now. The top is where I’m going.”