Derek G. Spencer

Derek’s work displays a variety of interests and themes which often have a spiritual or “other worldly” feel. Bright colours have become a trademark, with bold sweeping curves and often a dark framework that gives the effect of stained glass. The works are a record of subjects that move and inspire him, including life events such as the death of a loved one (“My Father’s Spirit”), his own long struggle with physical pain (“Pain Waves”), to his love of nature, pattern and landscape. Exmoor and the coast are constant sources of inspiration and “The River Barle” prompted a series of pictures depicting the seasonal changes of colour.

He paints mainly in oils for their vibrancy but sometimes in acrylic for speed. The post impressionists and expressionists are his main influences especially Cézanne, Van Gogh and Munch.

Derek has also produced prints and blank greetings cards of his work which you can view in our ExmoorArts Etsy shop.