Linda Cash

Linda Cash is an artist and ceramicist living in Somerset, close to Exmoor. She has always worked either with words or images, or both. Starting out in her first job repairing broken angel wings, making missing parts of porcelain antiques, then moving on to be an art director at Saatchi and Saatchi and later a creative and copywriter in other London agencies.

This has led to her interest in incorporating words into her art, sometimes using her own poetry. Asemic writing and gestural mark making is also sometimes included.

She applies her learnings from writing poetry – such as letting the work form itself, and not knowing where it piece of work is going until it is finished. Setting out without a map.

Some of her recent work has been about giving in to chance, letting a pot be decorated by fire and smoke in smoke firing, and collaging seeming random textures in monoprint and mixed media.

She has a fascination with abrasion, erosion, the effects of time and weathering. This is something that has she has developed with recent working with oxides and slips on clay.

Some of Linda’s work is available in the Exmoor Store in Minehead.