Lizzie Howard

Lizzie Howard has loved painting for many years, long before she left her home town in the busy Midlands some 40 years ago to live in this beautiful county of Devon.  Her need to paint and create has magnified, although her inspiration comes basically from inside her head and the planet she lives on.

She has had no formal art training, for which, in hindsight, she is thankful because her artwork has not been affected by outside influences nor has it killed her spontaneity, allowing her to create through her own style and self-expression.  For all that, she sometimes wonders whether to aim to stand out from the norm or be safe and ‘blend in’.  She has decided to stand out!

Having explored various techniques, pen and ink chalk pastels water colours where she followed a very linear, minimalistic style, she has now gone from one extreme to another, having discovered she best relates to the flamboyance and ‘freespiritedness’ of acrylics and their versatility, evoking so many passions and emotions – definitely not the minimalistic approach!   Loving to explore the world of colours, the need to represent her work in a tactile 3d way is equally important in giving it a life of its own.