Robyn Cloake

New to the art scene, Robyn’s inspiration and subjects are taken from marine life. Her scientific drawings by pencil medium have been adapted from studying many of the animals in situ. She has also begun to experiment with capturing the movement of species in water using watercolour inks and acrylic.

“Since I can remember I have always been drawn to the water, and North Devon’s coast is an ideal location for grasping ideas and soothing one’s artistic streak”.

Recently graduated in the field of marine biology, Robyn’s art niche was taken from her studies. Being able to view most of the animals she draws at first hand gave her insight into the anatomical proportions and textures of the animal. Going against the scientific grain, shading and repeated layering of pencil enabled her animals to seem more three dimensional. Having previously worked for Welsh fisheries, Robyn believes that a way to conserve and promote the species importance could be through art.

“It’s incredible to see how these animals have adapted to an environment so unlike ours on land and capturing their essence and the way they move are important to me. In comparison to the giant Panda and the Bengal Tiger, most marine species receive very little conservational recognition and propaganda even though many are under greater depletion and indigenous to our waters”.

“The most important message of my art is familiarising people with these wonderful creatures, which could help to promote their future sustainability. “

Currently Robyn is also experimenting with wool felting, using a mixture of locally farmed Exmoor and alpaca fleece to create marine and land animal figures. You can view her creations on our Moorland Felts page.