Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer is a young artist who is currently reading History of Art at the University of Warwick. Living in beautiful North Devon all her life has instilled within her a great love of the natural world, and this forms the basis of her creative inspiration. During her Art Foundation year, Sarah’s inquisitive and observant character led her to explore the self-written brief of ‘Intrigue in the Mundane’. This focused on extreme close-ups of subjects such as moss, lichen and foliage, that are passed by in the pace in every-day life without a second thought, painted on a large scale to draw attention to their often overlooked intricacies of pattern, colour and form.

Her current work consists of variations and developments on these themes. Sarah paints predominantly in acrylics on a range of surfaces, favouring the natural such as wood and slate due to their textural qualities. She loves nothing more than walking through the countryside and coastline, collecting photographs, sketches and materials which then have every potential to become paintings.