Exmoor and its surrounding areas have such vivid landscapes, from the blustery, rolling hills of the Commons to the pebble beaches and sandy dunes.

The yellow and purple hues of the heather and gorse intertwining are captured beautifully by Photographer David Hawtin who showcases Exmoor in the most raw environments. Crashing waterfalls and stretching viewpoints are but an example of his work.

Nick Simpson looks at the more intricate and finer areas of Exmoor, focusing on unique patterns, colours and textures, his work is a true testament to the ever-changing landscape of Exmoor.

Paul Webb captures the stunning wildlife of Exmoor at ease within their habitat. If jaw-dropping photography of Stags, Deer and Ponies is your cup of tea, take a look here!

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Paul Webb

Capturing Exmoor through the flora, fauna and landscapes. Paul Webb has a fascinating collection of photography.