Nick Simpson

Nick started working in photographic studios in the early 1970s and carried on in various roles up until the mid 2000s, when the business changed out of all recognition. Instead of all the advertising agencies being run by the artistic side, they were all bought out by accountants , and the quality dropped dramatically. He was still living in the Home Counties, and decided either he would move either to the Western Isles of Scotland, or to the West of England.

Having got to Porlock, Nick decided to put his roots down here. He started going out for long walks with his dog and was soon carrying his camera wherever he went, with lots of shots of landscapes and skies, and lots of deleting on the computer. It took him some time to get used to digital photography, he still has a chest of drawers full of location pictures from his past life, but putting images onto the computer and holding them on an electric file was such a wrench. He found himself shooting many more versions of one photograph, and being more ready to delete if it doesn’t work. He tried a pop-up gallery last year in the village, which was quite successful.

Nick is still shooting landscapes, but finds himself being drawn more towards patterns and details in the landscape.